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How to deal with reclamation

Transportation damage:

Deliveries are to be controlled in the presence of the postman for obvious damage. Any damage must be noted on the delivery note or the postman must scan, the package as "corrupt". Internal transport damages must be reported within 7 days after receipt of us in writing (e-mail, letter, fax). Keep on the package and in no case send it back to us. We will contact with the carriers and make a damage reported. Possibly a staff of the transport company will come tor you and inspect the package or pick it up.

Reclamation guidelines for end user customers (in Germany):

  1. Contact us first, always!
    If there is a problem with the goods, then we will try to help you in advance. Please send us an email ALWAYS previously. Enter your name and the account number in the subject line. Many ambiguities are often regulated without returning the goods,thatt will decide depending on the case our customer service. Resons can e.g. be that you protested products but they are correct because the deviations based on optical product changes or deviation of the manufacturer, or that a "technical complaint" (eg vaulted CPU soil), is in reality a new feature for performance enhancement. In such a case a hasty return woul be inappropriate. Similarly, due to the low value of the goods, sometimes the returning is not necessary.. For small parts, in which the return costs are in a poor relation to the value of the goods, there is the possibility that you do not return the defective goods, when it is possible to clarify how the defect or wrong delivery has come. For this we need a photo and a description of the defect. To prevent abuse, you should make a photo together with the bill. This process accelerates the settlement.
  2. Direct manufacturers support
    Some manufacturers offer for problems with a product direct support. In this case, please return directly to the manufacturer, and the claim will be settled with him. Example: BeQuiet Power Supplies! In those special cases there is a notificatin in the product description.
  3. Repack the goods well protected
    Pay attention to a correct packaging. Only the packaging of a product (with the exception of PC enclosures) is a usually not suited to a safe transport. We recommend to put the products with plenty of filler in a larger box with stable pack. Note that the newsprint usually does not permanently protect from shocks, as it is "pressed flat". We recommend bang paper and bubble bags.
  4. Put a reclamation document an a copy of the invoice into the package
    The RMA form can be found on this page. Before returning fill our the complete RMA form and make a copy of the invoice. Missing or incomplete information may delay the processing of your return. Please keep the receipt of your return as proof.
  5. About Adoption of non-free packages, "shipping recipient pays"
    By decision of the district court ruling Aachen, 23.08.2006 AZ 10206/06, the seller is not obligated to excessive rear-end costs by shipping recipient pays. We would therefore ask you in your own interestnot to use "sold recipient pays" for dispatch, as we are to accept these packages but will deduct you the additional costs to a normal package delivery that we have to pay. Please use our reconsignment service.
  6. Returning of second-hand goods
    You have the possibility of FAG to send back also used merchandise within 14 days after receipt. According to the legal regulations, we usually can not credit the full purchase price for used goods. Normally only about 50% are credited because the product has to be sold as a "used" to a discounted price. This will be determined from our RMA employees when the goods have arrived here.
  7. Delivery address
    Please return all packages to:
    Aquatuning GmbH - RMA Abteilung
    Beckheide 13
    33689 Bielefeld (Dalbke)
  8. Further procedure
    The product will be investigated by a technician. Usually you will receive a notification on the status of your return within 2 days. Questions to our support in terms of the processing status of your return will not accelerate the processing. The more accurate the information on your RMA form are, the faster your request can be processed. We will keep you in the loop by email.

There are 2 different RMA forms, depending on the type of complaint to be used.
1) End user customers: False deliveries and returning after the FAG:
Aquatuning Rücksendeformular für Endkunden (one document for each shipment)
2) End user customers: Defekt on one product:
Aquatuning Serviceformular für Endkunden (one document for each productt)
Download the appropriate form from our server, and print it off. The blue desoited fields must be filled out by you, the yellow fields are filled in by our staff. Please use our reconsignment service.

Guidelines for end user customers (outside Germany):

The distance Ac (FAG)t is a German law and therefore only applies to customers in Germany. To ensure maximize customer service we have made the following arrangements for customers from abroad:

  1. Returns within 14 days is possilble, please use the RMA form.
  2. In the case of second-hand goods the value for the credit note is reduced analogous to the FAG.
  3. Shipping costs are not refunded.
  4. If a credit note is made, it can be used with a new order to reduce the total amount.
  5. If the credit is to be disbursed (reverse transfer), we drop the bank fees / processing burden from the third countries for 20 € net. These charges do not include the bank charges of the bank of the customers who may still be from your bank deducted. It will be necessary for overseas transfer to hand us in the IBAN and BIC. Are the data bank failed, and it must be transferred again, we must deduct the fees again.

Guidelines for commercial customers:

Commercial customers do not have the right as an end user to send back goods within a 14 days period of time. For commercial customers, we follow the purchase regulations for salesmen (Commercial Law). If you make an order by phone / e-mail / fax / mai, you will get an order confirmation by email / fax / letter. That confirmation is to be considerd immedeately. If you do not receive an confirmation (eg for technical reasons, Email in spam folders or fax not arrived), it is your duty to contact your sales contact person again. Deviations from the desired order are to be notify the processor immedeately. It is therefore:

  1. If we dont get a negative feedback to our confirmation, the confirmation is accepted by you.
  2. There is no right for you to send back goods that were delivered matching the confirmation for reasons like "not satisfied" or "not wanted".
  3. You only have the right to claim the delivery if the goods are not the ordered (according to the confirmation) (e.g. "packaging error), or the product is incomplete.
  4. You have the right to claim certain products if they lack.
  5. If you send unused goods back to us, we are not obliged to take them back. In exceptional cases, we are willing to take the goods back against a restorageing fee of € 10 per product. This will decide our RMA clerk in collusion with the management.
  6. Used goods can in any case be send back if they lack. In such cases, we derive the goods to the manufacturers, which will repair the product, or replace, or in the worst case, rejects the claim. It is not possible to make a credit note in advance or exchange the products immediately against new, unless our engineers can understand the mistake itself and therefore "predict" in advance that the goods will not be repaired from the supplier, but exchanged against virgin products.
  7. Our distribution is not allowed to give you information regarding the expiration or the status of your complaint, or to run-up to a "prognosis" how your reclamation will be handelt.

Download for commercial customers (Reseller)
Aquatuning Händlerformular (one document for each shipment)
Download the appropriate form from our server, and print it off. The blue desoited fields must be filled out by you, the yellow fields are filled in by our staff.

Direct contact to the Sales Manager / Management:

Our staff at the ordering and service hotline, and the complaint department work strictly according to instructions and work predefined prozedures of which we are convinced that they guarantee the best customer service possible. Therefore, these employees are not entitled to take forward complainments. If you feel unfairly treated, or you are not satisfied with the solution proposed by us, you can use this document. Please note that complaints must be made in writing only, and will be answered in written form only.
Your request is supported by our sales leadership, in consultation with the management soon as possible.

Download the complaint form:
As Email: Aquatuning Beschwerdeformular
As letter: Aquatuning Beschwerdeformular As Fax: Aquatuning Beschwerdeformular


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