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Aquatuning is the largest specialized watercooling-distributor in Europe. Thanks to exclusive and direct distribution contracts with major and leading manufacturers we are able to give our customers advantageous pricing and an unmatched large portfolio of watercooling merchandise. Prior to distribution we already closely inspect the manufacturers and products to ensure best possible quality. This is the the reason why we believe:

'' Merchandise that cannot bought at Aquatuning should not be purchased anywhere!''

Thanks to these policies you can always be sure that only products matching or exceeding our own high quality requirements are available at Aquatuning. We also keep away from unsound manufacturers who try to impress their customers with manipulated performance claims or such manufacturers who due to their bad credit standing or bad reputation don't qualify as a permanent supplier. For our customers we want to be a permanent and competent contact point and convince through our service. 

Quality assurance:
Due  to our low margins we are not able to test every product before shipment. We ourselves trust the quality of our suppliers and manufacturers. In any case even a full control by Aquatuning would not allow for a 100% fault-free product as we cannot avoid faults developing later on in product life (e.g. breakage or electronic faults). Wear an tear or normal signs of usage such as discoloring of tubing also cannot be excluded with an inspection. Our experience (Aquatuning was founded in 2002) also taught us that defective products are extremely rare with today's quality standards. 

In case of a warranty claim:
Should a damage occur due to a faulty component (example: Mainboard defect) please note the following:

For such cases we have a product liability insurance. This insurance regulates the damage that was caused by to a faulty component. The insurance also covers larger damages, so for example even if a server farm is rendered inoperational it is covered by the insurance. It does not matter of which extent the damage is, if it is 50€ or 10.000€, Aquatuning will ALWAYS pass the case on to the insurance. Due to this the insurance is your only contact person regarding the case. Calls or Emails directly addressed to Aquatuning cannot be processed as we are not able to give any information regarding the case. The insurance will contact the customer. The contact in this case will be only between the customer and the insurance. Regrettably we also cannot take any influence on the decision of the insurance, as usually an independent assessor is hired who independently judges the case. 

Our experience showed us that damages are only compensated if:

  • the watercooling system was installed professionally or by a professional.
  • the faulty component could not be identified as such at the moment of installation..
  • the instruction manual was followed; If no manual was included the ''installer'' has to find informational material himself if he is not able to install the item correctly on his own and by his knowledge.
  • it it is proven that even with professional installation and a prior inspection of the components the damage could not be noticed and that it developed during the intended operation.
  • the necessary documents and items were send to Aquatuning within two weeks after the damage was noticed.

Order of operations in case of a damage:

  1. Find the original invoice of the damaged products and photocopy them.
  2. Make a copy of the invoice of the watercooling items and mark the products responsible for the damage.
  3. Photograph the defect as well as possible and try to highlight how the product was installed and how it caused the damage.
  4. Create a short report how the damage happened sin written form and number the damage total.
  5. Send to us a copy of the invoices (Hardware and watercooling components) as well as the pictures taken (can also be done via Email up ahead), the damage report and the item responsible for the damage.
  6. Please only send the damaged hardware along if you believe that it would ease assessment for the assessor. Apart from that keep the damaged hardware. IN case of any doubts the insurance might still want to inspect the damaged hardware. Please only dispose of it after the case is finished. If the insurance demands to inspect the damaged items and you are unable to provide them the case will most likely be closed immediately and in the worst case the insurance might have you persecuted for insurance fraud. 
  7. We will inspect the items ourselves and then pass the on to the insurance.
  8. From this point on Aquatuning is not your contact point regarding the case anymore. The will be a certain ''dead time'' which consists of the time between us sending the items and the insurance taking note of them. In this timeframe there is no damage ID, meaning that in this time a call at the insurance will not provide any information, as the case was not registered in the insurance's system yet. A call at Aquatuning will not have any effect.
  9. After inventory of the case the insurance will contact you via Mail or telephone. This usually takes up to 2 weeks.
  10. After finished assessment the insurance will send you a report of the assessor with the final conclusion (if you will be compensated or not) vial mail.
  11. Any further correspondence regarding the case has to take place solely with the insurance.


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