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For a most customer-friendly reconsignment within Germany we offer our own return service within Germany in cooperation with the ''Deutsche Post'' (DHL). Please use our return service:

For returns according to the distance selling act within 14 days and a value of goods above 40€
Items with a price above 40,00 Euros can be returned to us free of charge via our return service. To use this service you must only print an address sticker and place it well visible on the parcel. The postpaid parcel can then be handed in at any post office. If you do not wish to use this service we will compensate you for up to 5,00 Euros shipping costs for each parcel within Germany if you enclose (or hand it in via Fax / Email).a valid shipping document which shows the amount you have paid. 

For reconsignment of defective items:
Please contact us in advance and consider our complaint notes. If your complaint is justified we will normally exchange it for new merchandise and ship the products back to you. This will be of no cost for you.

Not for returns according to the distance selling act after 14 days or a value of goods below 40€
If the price is below 40,00 Euros we will charge a fee of 5,00 Euros shipping costs plus 2,00 Euros processing fee for each parcel.

Not for reconsignment of defective items destroyed by the user:
If your complaint was unjustified, e.g. if you overtightened the screws on a cooler or screwed the fan screws too far into the radiator, we must refuse your complaint. In this case we will charge you a fee of 5,00 Euros shipping costs plus 2,00 Euros processing fee. The items will then be ready for pickup at our facilities for 14 days or can be shipped to you at the cost of another 5€ within Germany.

Commercial customers must not use the return service!
Please not that the return service can only be used by private end user customers - Returns from commercial customers have to be postpaid by the sender. Should a commercial customer use the return service we will always charge a fee of 10€ (plus VAT)  before handling the reconsignment. Your order will only be handled if that fee is paid.

-> To the return service

In case of any questions regarding reconsignments please contact us at any time:

Aquatuning GmbH
Beckheide 13
33689 Bielefeld (Germany)
Telephone: 05205 / 991 98 0
Fax: 05205 / 991 98 22

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