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Advance payment via bank transfer with standard entry of the transfer information

The cheapest method of ordering merchandise at Aquatuning is payment via prepayment. Usually no or very little banking fees apply. Online-banking payments are usually transferred to our account on the same day, in rare cases the next day. Bank transfers filed manually at a bank sometimes take up to 2 days.

For webshop orders:
Please give you order number, which can be found in the confirmation Email or at the last page of the process of ordering, with the bank transfer.

For telephonic / Email orders

Please give your customer ID (top right corner of the order confirmation).

Payments are automatically assigned to orders. Please DO NOT give any more information as the intended use, as these will not be noted. If you give neither order number nor customer ID it can happen that your order cannot be assigned immediately and that it will take up to 1 or 2 weeks to do so, usually as soon as the customer inquires about the status of his order. For that reason:
Please always give the ORDER NUMBER OR CUSTOMER ID!

Our Bank account Details:

Name: Aquatuning GmbH
Account No.: 89666
Bank ID: 47850065
Bank: Sparkasse Gütersloh

For international transfers:
IBAN: DE16478500650000089666

Please always provide your Order number (according to the webshop), your customer ID (according to invoice/order confirmation) or the billing number (e.g. in case of delivery upon invoice). The assignment of payments is done automatically. This system works best if you provide the order No. or customer ID. Should it not be possible to assign a payment automatically it has to be done manually. This can lead to delays in processing and in some rare cases it is not possible to assign any order to a transaction, e.g. if there was no order placed at the webshop or a friend or relative processed the transaction for the customer and additionally the amount is incorrect. For those reasons we recommend the following to our customers:

  • As soon as the payment was assigned to your order an automatically created Email will be sent to confirm the transaction.
  • Should you not have received an Email within 3 days (within Germany) respectively 5 days (international orders) of initiation of the transaction or e.g. the status of your order in the webshop did not change to ''prepayment received'', please contact us via Email and provide us with your order number and customer ID as well as the exact intended use and amount of your transaction. Our staff will then check your inquiry.

Advance payment via instant transfer

At the end of the ordering process an interface is opened in which you can enter your Bank ID, Account number as well as the PIN and a TAN. The tool will then complete the transfer for you. The advantage is that you do not have to log into your Online-banking separately and fill in the transfer information automatically. Additionally the Order No. is automatically set as the intended purpose which ensures automatic assignment by us which ensures the quickest possible handling.

Is my order shipped immediately?
It is often said that the shop will immediately send the order when the ordering process is complete. This is not correct. We ship the order as soon as the transfer was completed and the funds have been credited to our account.

Why doesn't Aquatuning ship the order immediately after the ordering process is finished?
In the instant transfer system a fault is known which results in the funds not being transferred from the customer's account onto ours even though all information was entered correctly. Here is the official reason given by the Payment network:
Transaction failures can only result from technical reasons of the Online-Banking system oif the customer. The statistic likelihood is minimal (<0,01%). Webshops which wish to have added security even with the very high reliability of payment may purchase a payment insurance by the Payment Network AG at slightly higher rates which guarantees payment if the funds were not transferred by a transfer which was confirmed by us.
To keep the cost as low as possible we have not purchased the additional insurance. We therefore ask for your understanding that we will ship your order as soon as the funds have been credited to our account.

When can shipment of the order be expected?
The order (if in stock) is shipped immediately upon reception of the funds. Due to the direct transfer of the order into the Online-Banking system the payment often is credited to our account on the same day but latest on the next business day. Only in very rare cases or due to technical reasons in the Online-banking system of the customer the transfer may take longer or not reach us at all. if your order is delayed unexplained please check your account statement to see if the transfer was made to us.

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